How to Transfer

What we do / How to transfer money to Sri lanka.

Register Online

Simply register online & start sending money from anywhere in Australia.

Go to Home page & click on ''REGISTER NOW" to create an online user account by filling in the form.

After submitting your application, if everything is in the order you will receive a customer reference number & password by email or over the phone.

Please do not forget to upload your copy of driver licence or passport. If you are uploading a passport, we require an address confirmation doc to prove your current residential address.

Once we verify your documents and complete the registration process, we will send you a confirmation to commence using our service.

Log in to the system using your username & password provided by us, now, you can add your beneficiary details of the recipients/beneficiaries (TO WHOM YOU SEND MONEY TO) and their bank account details.

Transfer Process

Transfer money to any of the Cash Express Bank account using your online banking facility. When you transfer money online please include transfer fee & your customer reference no.

Please do not deposit cash in to our Cash Express account as we may have to refund your money.
Please contact us to obtain the Cash express Account details.

You are almost done now, if you are not doing the process through our website ( You can call us or you can send an E- mail to us, we can do the rest of the work for you.

Call us
03 9362 1010 or 03 9364 5792

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