FAQ / Help

Your Friendly Money Exchange Service

Sending money overseas is easy as 1,2,3 with Cash Express.
However, if you have never used our service before, or are sending by different method you may have some questions.

  • How long does it take for money to arrive

    Most of the time money is available on the same day or next day,very often wrong account numbers cause delay, so please send correct account numbers to avoid delay.

  • How can I transfer money

    Transfer money online into cash express bank account. Just like you transfer money to another party, when you do so, please mention your customer ID number.
    We also accept cash in our office at 64, Kings Road, St Albans, VIC 3021.

  • What is the minimum & maximum amount we can remit

    There is no maximum amount, however the only requirement is that the money should be legally earned & you have paid tax on it.
    so, there is no upper limit.

    In Sri lanka if the beneficiary receives over rs 500 000, some information is required by the bank.

    Name of the depositer
    Purpose of the deposit
    ID documents.

  • Exchange rate difference

    In the market, different remittance services offer different amounts, reason behind that is they deduct their costs from the inter bank rate (rate the Bank use to exchange currencies with one another) to give you a personalised rate.

    At Cash Express, we offer you best rate possible, not only that, we also offer special rate for large amounts.

  • Bank or Cash express.

    Most Banks offer money transfer services, but it is usually more expensive than using companies like cash express, we always offer better rates at low cost.

  • Cancellations & refunds

    If your beneficiary has not withdrawn the money, banks can reverse the transaction for which they will charge a fee.